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Cafe Paprika!

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Bastilla - $7.95
Bastilla is one of the truly great dishes Morocco, and a delicious starter for a
festive dinner.  Several layers of crisp and light puff pastry surround exotic fillings.  
Each bite will melt in your mouth.

Chicken - tender saffron chicken, onions, eggs, spices, and mixed nuts.  Topped
with powdered sugar and cinnamon.
Seafood - scallops, shrimp, crab, Mahi Mahi, vermicelli, mushrooms and spices.  
Served with lemon wedges on a bed of lettuce.

Harrira - $2.50 for a cup / $3.50 for a bowl
Harrira is a traditional Moroccan soup.  An amber-tinted soup with many flavors and textures including lentils, chickpeas, vegetables, fresh herbs and spices, in a flavorful tomato based broth.  Served with a lemon wedge and dates.

Hommos - $4.50
A rich Middle Eastern dip of chickpeas, sesame sauce, garlic and lemon juice topped with olive oil and served with warm pita bread.

Baba Ghanouj - $4.50
A creamy combination of roasted eggplant and sesame sauce seasoned with lemon and garlic.  Drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with paprika, and served with warm pita bread.

Falafel - $4.50
Spicy ground chickpeas and fava beans mixed with onion, garlic, cilantro, and Middle Eastern spices.  Deep-fried until crisp and golden brown and served with yogurt cucumber mint sauce.

Garlic Scampi - $7.95
Fresh shrimp prepared with garlic, olive oil, paprika, cumin and oregano.  Served in a spicy eggplant sauce.

Middle East Combination - $7.95
Hommos, Baba Ghanouj, and Falafel.  This combination provides an excellent opportunity to sample the rich flavors of the Middle East.  


Salad Maison - $6.95
A Café Paprika specialty.  A sumptuous selection of Moroccan salads including roasted eggplant, cucumber and tomato salad, marinated carrots, and sliced red beet salad.

Greek Salad - $6.95
Mixed greens salad with feta cheese, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and olives, tossed in a raspberry balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  You may choose to add slices of gyros, chicken, or lamb for an additional charge of $1.95.

Artichoke Heart and Olive Salad - $6.95
Artichoke hearts and a variety of olives served on a bed of mixed greens tossed with a Moroccan vinaigrette dressing.  You may choose to add slices of gyros, chicken, or lamb for an additional charge of $1.95.

Grilled Chicken Salad - $7.95
Marinated grilled chicken breast served on a bed of mixed greens with raspberry balsamic vinaigrette dressing.


All sandwiches are served open faced on warm pita bread with mixed greens. Garnished with onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and drizzled with Tahini sauce.  Yogurt cucumber mint sauce is served on the side.  

Lamb Shawarma
Chicken Shawarma
(Spicy Moroccan sausages)
(Combination of lamb and beef or chicken)
Paprika Burger
(Lean ground beef seasoned with cumin, paprika, parsley, and onions)

Seasoned French fries served with sandwich for an additional charge of $1.95.


All entrees served with either a cup of Harrira or dinner salad, and warm pita bread with lemon zest butter.

Apricot Chicken - $11.95
Tender chicken breast prepared with fresh ginger, onions, vegetables, apricots and honey.  Served on a bed of couscous.  

Lamb Shank - $12.95
A Café Paprika specialty.  Tender lamb shank, slow cooked with onions, vegetables, and raisins in a saffron sauce.  Served with your choice of basmati saffron rice or

Fish M'Schermel - $13.95
Baked marinated fish served atop lentils.  Ask your Server for daily fish selection.


One of the truly great dishes of Morocco.  Fluffy grains of cream -colored semolina
steamed over a highly flavored bouillon of vegetables or meat.  This skillfully rolled semolina
is the basis of several delicious dishes.  Café Paprika serves couscous with slow cooked meats,
 potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, onions, and cabbage.  The flavorful broth is finished
with the addition of a few raisins. and garbanzo beans.

Vegetarian  Couscous - $10.95
Chicken Couscous - $11.95
Merguez Couscous - $12.95
Lamb Couscous - $12.95
Seafood Couscous - $13.95
(shrimp or white fish)


Three marinated grilled skewers served atop a bed of saffron basmati
 rice accompanied with sautéed vegetables.

Vegetarian Mchermel - $10.95
(spring vegetables)
Kefta - $11.95
(lean ground beef)
Chicken - $11.95
(marinated in yogurt and mustard)
Merguez - $12.95
(spicy Moroccan sausage served atop a bed of lentils
or white navy beans))
Lamb - $12.95
(marinated in olive oil, onions, parsley and fresh spices)
Shrimp - $13.95
(marinated in oil olive, paprika, garlic and cumin)
Combination - $13.95
(your choice of three meats)


Vegetarian Linguini - $10.95
Linguini pasta served with carrots, zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, and bell
peppers in a tomato basil cream sauce.  Sprinkled with
Parmesan cheese.

Ziti Chicken - $11.95
Sautéed chicken and vegetables in a tomato basil cream sauce tossed with Penne
pasta and garnished with Parmesan cheese.

Seafood Pasta - $12.95
A mixture of shrimp, crab and other seasonal fresh fish in a white clam
 sauce tossed with Penne pasta.


Tajines are wonderfully aromatic meat, poultry, or seafood stews of Moroccan cooking.
Tajines are slow cooked which allows the flavors of the meat, vegetables, and  broth
to combine for an amazingly rich experience.

Chicken -$11.95
Chicken with Preserved Lemons and Olives- $11.95
Chicken with Green Peas and Carrots - $11.95
Chicken with Prunes - $11.95
Kefta - $11.95
Lamb Tfaya Sauce - $12.95
Lamb with Preserved Lemons and Olives- $12.95
Lamb with Prunes - $12.95
Lamb with Green Peas and Carrots - $12.95
Lamb with Artichokes - $12.95
Shrimp - $13.95
Fish with Tomato Sauce - $13.95


Pink Lemonade - $1.50
Assorted Coca Cola Soft Drinks - $1.50
Colombian Supremeo Coffee - $1.50
Mineral Water - $1.75
Milk - $1.75
Moroccan Mint Iced Tea - $1.75
Hot Moroccan Mint Tea - $1.75
Orange or Cranberry Juice - $1.95


Ice Cream - $2.50
Baklava - $2.95
Flan - $2.95
M'hencha - $2.95
(A Moroccan cake made with almond
paste rolled in layers of baked puff pastry).
White and Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake - $3.50

Ask us about lunch delivery!
$20 and over. Office Specials
Limited area.


Buy One Meal and Get The 2nd One 1/2 Price Off
Get Any Sandwich with Fries and Drink For $5.99

13160 East Mississippi Ave & Uvalda
Aurora, Co 80012
By 7-Eleven & McDonalds
We offer the finest in Mediterranean. Cuisine

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